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As an increasingly popular product, and appearing in more homes than ever throughout Australia, we at Chibebe have, over time, noticed others attempting to use our copyrighted material (ie: images and content) in an effort to sell the 'Chibebe Slumber Pod' through other channels, such as auction sites. 

Please note that whilst we think auction sites are great for everyday items and possibly more, we do not endorse any sale of the Chibebe Slumber Pod on Ebay or any other seller not listed on the Chibebe website, excl. certain members only clubs.

If you see a listing of a baby bean bag product that appears to use images and/or other content shown on the website, we encourage you to report it to us.

We encourage you to NOT purchase a baby bean bag that appears to be a Chibebe Slumber Pod, through any other channel, especially auction sites.

We do not list the Chibebe Slumber Pod or any Chibebe branded item, or those that appear similar to a Chibebe item, on any auction sites, nor do we authorise any other to do so. We do not guarantee the safety of these products, nor provide warranty on them.

If you DO find what appears to be a legitimate Chibebe item being sold on an auction site or elsewhere not authorised by us, and you proceed to buy, please note that you are buying at your own risk. 

They say that 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery', but for us, it is a serious health and safety issue, and we do not endorse these sellers.

Please rest assured that steps are being taken to ensure that our intellectual property is not used in these listings furthermore.