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With too much to brag about, here are just a few noteworthy Chibebe facts...

So, What Makes A Chibebe Snuggle Pod The Best Baby Beanbag Of All?

You only want the best for your child – and so do we. Your child deserves to have the most comfortable resting chair available... but you also need the flexibility and convenience of a truly portable system that makes life easy.

Now here's an answer. With Chibebe Snuggle Pods, your child can rest easier than ever in our Snuggle Pod Baby Bean Bag' unique design. Not only do the bean bags wrap around your child's body, but they cradle him or her in a way that is impossible for other baby seats.

Nothing but the best for your child, right?

So what do Chibebe Snuggle Pods have to offer? Take a look:

  • Comfortablilty

    With our Snuggle Pods Baby Bean Bag, your child is safely and comfortably nestled in a resting position, while also being able to interact with the world around him or her. The Chibebe Snuggle Pod seats include a layer of padding in the seat for additional support and comfort. The added padding also suppresses the typical "noisy bean" sound associated with beanbags, creating a "cloud 9" cozy experience.

  • Health Benefits

    The special shape of the bean bag is designed to help prevent GERD (reflux). The soft seat helps prevent flathead. The ultimate in comfort is just a bonus!

  • Usability

    One of the greatest assets of a Snuggle Pod is that it was designed be used from birth right through to pre teens. By simply swapping the detachable harness seat to the toddler seat that's included, it meant your child could continue to use his or her furniture it had owned since birth.

  • Interchangeable Seats

    The interchangeable seats were designed to give you the parent, the ability to quickly replace a seat if it were to become dirty and in need of washing. Having a spare seat allows for the continued use of the Snuggle Pod. It also means that parents can purchase a Snuggle Pod that is more gender-specific for their first baby, and then easily and affordably transition the seat for a second baby of a different gender.

  • Easy-To-Clean Fabrics

    Thankfully, the Snuggle Pod is designed for real families with children who aren't always neat and perfectly tidy. You can easily wipe them down or dab them with a good fabric cleaner to get rid of stains and messes. The Snuggle Pod has a water resistant backing on the base, as well as on all seats, helping to prevent fluids from reaching the beans.

  • Machine-Washable

    Our Snuggle Pods were carefully designed to offer the best functionality available not only to babies and children, but to busy parents as well. The Snuggle Pod comes with a removable inner bag that encases the beans. This means you can strip the Snuggle Pod in seconds and simply pop the Snuggle Pod in the wash, or even store the cover away for further use without having to pour out the beans and make a huge mess. A new inner bag can be purchased at any time for only $9.95

  • Accessories

    Take a look at our swinging Pod Rockers for the Snuggle Pod! (Sold Separately) The Pod Rocker changes the baby's entire Podding experience, allowing the Snuggle Pod to rock back and forth like, well, a rocker! The smooth motion creates a relaxing, calm feeling that babies appreciate and enjoy.

  • Designer Packaging

    Chibebe Snuggle Pod comes in über-cool designer packaging that's perfect for gift giving. The Snuggle Pod was already the perfect baby gift thanks to its quality, safety, and functionality; now with its designer packaging, it is by far one of the best ways to make an impression at a baby shower.

  • Portability

    Snuggle Pods can easily move from room to room and from the house to the car without any issue. This is important for a family on the go. Weighing almost nothing with department store beans inside, anyone can lift these bags and tote them to a new location.

  • Our High Safety Standards

    We have our Snuggle Pods tested and retested by a worldwide renowned laboratory to meet the strictest standards for use by babies from newborn age. We test for mandatory AND non-mandatory standards so that your child can rest safely in our Pods. Your children need to be safe in our bean bags…and we make sure of it.

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